Honest Review and ranking of the Top Coffee shops on the Jersey Shore

This is where to find the best coffee in New Jersey.

Hello! My name is Ashleigh and I was born and raised here on the Jersey Shore. I decided it was about time to do a full coffee guide for my home turf!


I feel that especially from living in New Jersey consistently for the past year now, I have a very good idea of the coffee spots in this area. If you’ve been keeping up with me, I moved back home after my undergraduate degree to prepare for my move to Australia for my masters.

I will mainly be focusing on those coffee shops found in Monmouth County, New Jersey. This guide will be perfect for you if you want to choose the perfect spot to stop by for coffee on a day visiting the beach.


DISCLAIMER: These are my own opinions – you can choose to agree or disagree with them. I am no coffee expert BUT over time, and exploring many parts of the world, I feel that I have some sort of an eye for what coffee IS and ISN’T worth your money. Everyone has their own right to their opinion 🙂


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Before we dive into this, here’s a quick background of what I look for and love in a coffee shop.

  1. Quality
  2. Consistency
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Overall Experience

I do have a full post delving into what I look for here.

A decent amount of coffee shops in this area greatly lack consistency and training of their baristas. I have made the decision to not focus on the negatives and instead only focus on my top five spots to grab coffee around here.

Now that the ground rules are down let’s do this!


5th – Booskerdoo

The atmosphere and menu of Booskerdoo is like a step up from Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts. I’ve had both horrible & okay coffee from here.

Pros: Their strengths is definitely their hot drip or pour over coffee.

Cons: Consistency – as the baristas vary greatly is consistency, I choose stay clear of anything with espresso/frothed milk.


4th – Rook Coffee

Pros: Rook is good, especially in the summertime, if you’re just after a simple, delicious cold brew. BUT be prepared to wait a decent amount of time in a line (depending on location).

Cons: Consistency – it can vary a lot at times. With the way they prep all their coffee beverages, the slightest mess-up with the coffee ratios & your coffee will be far from perfect.


3rd – Batch

Batch Coffee is a very new addition to my coffee radar. I first popped by the other week and happily impressed. I will definitely be back (I mean look at this aesthetic)!!!

Pros: The aesthetic is so stunning – bright, boho with lots of plants!

Cons: I haven’t been back yet to try any of their specialty drinks (to check consistency & quality more in depth) – but from first glance a con could be easily be how small the place is. They have seating but everything is very squeezed together. I’m hoping once I go back that they are at least consistent.


2nd – Cafe Volan

My number two spot to visit for a nice cup of coffee is Cafe Volan. Their atmosphere by FAR is my favorite to get work done. They have lots of room to hang out and whip your laptop out (when we’re not in a pandemic).

Pros: The baristas are VERY consistent. I rarely get a coffee I’m unhappy with.

Cons: This really only applies to the pandemic right now but – their coffee is much better to have there over take away (could also just be since I love the atmosphere of the cafe so much).


1st – Currant General Store & Coffee Bar

If you’ve been keeping up with me at all over on my instagram I always rave about the quality of Currant‘s coffee!

Pros: Consistency – every barista is very well trained and genuinely cares about the quality of your coffee. I am always so impressed with the little things they do to ensure consistency & quality (measuring out the weight of each espresso shot, timing pour over brews, frothing milk, the list goes on…).

Cons: Very limited seating -the dream would be for them to expand somehow & have a whole separate section just dedicated to seating (lots of productivity)!


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Thanks so much for checking this post out! Genuinely means so much to me 🙂

Lots of love,


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