My Entire Graduate School Journey + Updates

I decided to finally sit down and lay my entire masters journey out. Check out the video below (it’s a long one) while maybe sipping on a nice cup of coffee. I really wanted to create a cohesive bit with everything from how I got into marine science, how I chose my masters program and hopefully where I’ll be going from here.

*spoiler alert* there were A LOT of bumps in the road and there will continue to be – especially If you’ve read this post.


I go into detail about my post graduate journey and what I’ve had to go through trying to get into a masters program for marine science research. This is what my undergraduate degree did not teach me and what I wish it did!

Grab a coffee and listen to me start with my college journey from the very beginning and hopefully where I will be going in the future. With my marine science background I get into how I decided on my college major and what pushed me to pursue a masters degree.


Thanks for coming along on the ride!

Lots of love,


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