My Entire Graduate School Journey + Updates

I decided to finally sit down and lay my entire masters journey out. Check out the video below (it’s a long one) while maybe sipping on a nice cup of coffee. I really wanted to create a cohesive bit with everything from how I got into marine science, how I chose my masters program and hopefully where I’ll be going from here.

*spoiler alert* there were A LOT of bumps in the road and there will continue to be – especially If you’ve read this post.


I go into detail about my post graduate journey and what I’ve had to go through trying to get into a masters program for marine science research. This is what my undergraduate degree did not teach me and what I wish it did!

Grab a coffee and listen to me start with my college journey from the very beginning and hopefully where I will be going in the future. With my marine science background I get into how I decided on my college major and what pushed me to pursue a masters degree.


Thanks for coming along on the ride!

Lots of love,


Moving to Tasmania for Grad School: why Tasmania?

I mentioned I was going to do this sort of explanation post here and this is inspired by my explanation of why I chose New Zealand to study abroad here. Quick back story: I graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelors in Marine Science (concentration in marine biology if that matters) last May.…

I got rejected by the research degree of my dreams

I first want to disclaim that I am not writing this for pity, I am writing this as the honest truth. I’ve been updating all of you on my masters research process over the last 6 months and this just happens to be the next update. You can find my last update here. I submitted…


I haven’t done a life update since this, where I went into a lot of detail with my future graduate school plans in Australia. So if you haven’t read that, or haven’t been keeping up with me over on my instagram, then head here to get more of a back story on what I’m about…


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