Bean and Bean Coffee Review

Happy Sunday! I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought this post would be a nice treat for all of you (gifted, not an ad).


I do currently have a giveaway going on with them over on my Instagram here!

I’m here to chat a bit about Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters out of New York City. Family owned and women-led specialty coffee roaster out of NYC for over 10 years! They stand for gender equity – focusing on partnering with female coffee producers and over half of their coffee is sourced from female led farms!!!

It’s so nice to hear even in the coffee roasting community, there are companies striving for gender equity in the field!


WOWWW! I love the morals and values that they are bringing to the coffee community!


Let’s Talk Coffee

So lately I’ve been sipping on their Indonesia Sumatra. It’s a nice smooth dark roast with heavy, tart cherry undertones. It’s a nice roast to have first thing in the morning as a pick me up!

The mother-daughter team that runs Bean & Bean Coffee ACTUALLY are professionally trained to cup coffee. This means that they reallyyyy know what their doing.


Fun Fact: a dream of mine has always been to go to a coffee cupping and be taught how to professionally taste coffee undertones.

The Bean and Bean Coffee Partnership with the Sloth Institute

Bean and Bean Coffee Roasters also focuses on working with small coffee farms who work alongside the environment RATHER THAN deforesting it. They partner with the Sloth Institute (hint hint their adorable packaging) where % of online coffee sales goes directly to care for the sloths in need.

When they mentioned this to me I was so happy to hear as I personally didn’t even think about the deforestation aspect of coffee farming.


Don’t forget there’s an international giveaway for some of these goodies here & also in my last post another giveaway! wooo!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Lots of love,


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