Starting Graduate School Online – An update – it’s been too long


Long time no real talk. I apologize for that! I guess I haven’t really felt I had anything interesting to really post about. After everything with the holidays and my family my mind has been overall great, but still all over. More than anything, my first graduate school semester is creeping up.


With Australian International borders still being very much closed, my graduate school degree will be starting online. I’ve thankfully come to terms with although this isn’t an ideal situation, I understand it’s out of my control. Thankfully this newish degree (not the one I originally applied for back in June 2020, but both degrees are within the same department) is able to start some courses online. The Australian semester starts end of February so I still have some time to mentally prepare for that.


Actually this week’s graduate school saga has mainly been focused on enrolling in my courses. I attempted to earlier in the week but when I went to actually enroll it said the courses were only available in person… soooo….

I reached out to the professor I’ve been in contact with over there and we are thankfully chatting tonight. I’m hoping the chat will really sort out the jumbled mess that is my brain right now haha. I’m like will my classes be live? will I need to become a night owl to take them with the time difference? do I need any textbooks? are academic advisors a thing in Australia? I have so many questions.

I also have been struggling to come up with helpful, worthwhile content on here. Last year it was a bit easier as I could post about a bunch of past trips and such that I’ve been on. With the pandemic still being full force, I barely have left the 20 mile radius around me.


I’ve been really enjoying slower mornings. The pandemic really opened myself up to them. I’ve been still loving my pour over coffee at home and of course my cat. I hope all of you have been well!

Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “Starting Graduate School Online – An update – it’s been too long”

  1. Good luck with grad school! I think it is really ambitious 😊 Even though I never went to grad school, I also have two undergraduate degrees. May I ask what you will be studying in grad school?

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