Where to Find the Best Coffee in the Upper East Side, New York City

The Upper East Side is not only known for those “Gossip Girl” vibes, but it’s a very expensive, high end area to begin with.

So, naturally, time to explore their coffee shops! What Upper East Side coffee shops are worth your time? Where can you get the best coffee on the Upper East Side of NYC?

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Okay, time for the Upper East Side.


Ralph’s Coffee

A very Instagrammed cafe all over Manhattan. I did a whole post of what of NYC’s most photographed cafes are worth your time here.

first impressions: Not gonna lie, I was worried since this spot is heavily talked about on social media (especially around the holidays for their aesthetic). So i was going into this coffee spot pretty skeptical. BUT! I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed their coffee!

atmosphere: even being stuck outside in the FREEZING NYC winter weather, they managed to have an amount of outdoor tables and chairs which a decent amount of people were using too! Even inside looked super cute too. They have a very specific aesthetic.

final thoughts: Very impressed. I especially enjoyed their espresso; whatever they used had a really nice undertone. Also their pistachio milk was a really nice treat. Pleasantly surprised with Ralph’s Coffee!! I would definitely come back!!!


Oslo Coffee Roasters

I first heard of Oslo years ago when I was searching for good coffee shops to try. At first I added it to my list solely due to the name “Oslo Coffee” because my FAVORITE coffee shop in Berlin also has the same name!! You can find the full Berlin, Germany Coffee guide here.


first impressions: THEY HAD A FLAT WHITE ON THE MENU!!! so I was immediately impressed. Super chill vibe (although everything was outside and I ordered through a small window).

atmosphere: I could tell it was super popular with the locals which is always a meaningful point. A bummer because with ordering outside I could’t get a vibe of the inside but I’m sure it’s up my alley.

final thoughts: Oslo Coffee Roasters is a bit out of the main strip of shops and such but I did really enjoy the flat white (ESPECIALLY the micro foam)!


787 Coffee

Overall, 787 was definitely my favorite spot!

first impressions: WOW, JUST WOW. The CUTEST little coffee shop with SO much character. Stairs lead you down to a warm & cozy little cafe. The menu was heavily inspired by Puerto Rican coffee and traditions which I LOVED!

atmosphere: It was such a nice treat to have a break from the NYC Winter and get to sit inside. Recently NYC did start allowing limited indoor dining again. I found my way to the cutest little window spot surrounded by lots of plants with the light peaking in through the window. I enjoyed this little moment so so much. I really miss getting cozy at window seats at cafes.

final thoughts: I was so impressed. I’m so happy I made the trip. I loved how everything was heavily inspired by Puerto Rican culture. I definitely want to visit their other locations too!!!


Honorable Mentions

Joe Coffee Company: Actually a chain around NYC but my first time here was in the Upper East Side. I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. Sometimes with chains their is a huge inconsistency factor but that barista who made my oat milk cortado was very talented!

Variety Coffee Roasters: I sadly haven’t been here yet, but based on reviews of people I trust I do think I’d enjoy it here. I figured I should still mention this one!

(photo taken from google)

And there you have it! Another New York City coffee shop guide in the books.

If you liked this guide, or found it helpful please let me know! I’d really love feedback.


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