Coffee that Saves Pups – Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

I was so excited when Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co reached out to me to try their coffee (ad)! If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, I love to review coffee over there and give my honest feed back. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, quality wise, but I wanted to reveal my honest opinions here! I’ve heard about Grounds & Hounds for a while, they strive to create coffee with a greater purpose.


What’s great about Grounds & Hounds is 20% of their profits go to supporting pups! Through their coffee sales, they strive to support dog rescue initiatives and organizations throughout the country.

-but is Grounds & Hounds coffee any good?

well, yes! better than expected for sure. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since the coffee came pre-ground (which drastically reduces the freshness of the coffee). So, at first I was a bit worried. Turns out, the coffee is good coffee!

Is it the best coffee I’ve ever had?

-well, no.

Is it coffee I would purchase in the future?

-maybe. So far my favorite coffee of theirs is their “Morning Walk” blend! It’s a nice light/medium roast with unique undertones.

The mission of Grounds & Hounds is what sets them apart from other coffee companies. Knowing that when I purchase from them it goes to such a great cause is what would keep me buying coffee and other goodies from them. I really admire the dedication and money they put towards such a great cause. Who doesn’t love supporting dogs????


I do have a discount code to save you 15% off (I don’t get anything from it), it’s “CoffeeeNut”

Or you can shop using this link!

Big thank you to Grounds & Hounds for reaching out and sending me some coffee to try! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.

Have you tried their coffee before? What did you think?

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

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Bean and Bean Coffee Review

Happy Sunday! I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought this post would be a nice treat for all of you (gifted, not an ad).


I do currently have a giveaway going on with them over on my Instagram here!

I’m here to chat a bit about Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters out of New York City. Family owned and women-led specialty coffee roaster out of NYC for over 10 years! They stand for gender equity – focusing on partnering with female coffee producers and over half of their coffee is sourced from female led farms!!!

It’s so nice to hear even in the coffee roasting community, there are companies striving for gender equity in the field!


WOWWW! I love the morals and values that they are bringing to the coffee community!


Let’s Talk Coffee

So lately I’ve been sipping on their Indonesia Sumatra. It’s a nice smooth dark roast with heavy, tart cherry undertones. It’s a nice roast to have first thing in the morning as a pick me up!

The mother-daughter team that runs Bean & Bean Coffee ACTUALLY are professionally trained to cup coffee. This means that they reallyyyy know what their doing.


Fun Fact: a dream of mine has always been to go to a coffee cupping and be taught how to professionally taste coffee undertones.

The Bean and Bean Coffee Partnership with the Sloth Institute

Bean and Bean Coffee Roasters also focuses on working with small coffee farms who work alongside the environment RATHER THAN deforesting it. They partner with the Sloth Institute (hint hint their adorable packaging) where % of online coffee sales goes directly to care for the sloths in need.

When they mentioned this to me I was so happy to hear as I personally didn’t even think about the deforestation aspect of coffee farming.


Don’t forget there’s an international giveaway for some of these goodies here & also in my last post another giveaway! wooo!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Lots of love,


My New Vlogging Camera For Youtube! The Canon EOS M50

So excited that even after a few bumps in the road I FINALLY got my new camera in the mail. A couple people I follow recommended this camera and I was instantly pretty sold on it.

I sat down and did an unboxing and initial thoughts here! woo!



I am so impressed with the video and audio quality of my new camera! I can’t wait to really start using it.

Lots of love,


Flat Lay Photography Prop Haul – My Current Instagram Feed Must Haves

Quarantine has positively challenged me to find ways to create content while stuck inside my house.

FIRST go here to see the giveaway I’m doing!!


I’ve always had a fascination with flat lay photography and the way so many people on my instagram feed were able to style photos to be so stunning and well balanced. I’ve posted before some of my photography must-haves.

I also have a whole board over on my pinterest filled with all the links!

*note* I am in NO way an expert, I just find this kind of content fun to make, especially if you’ve been keeping up with my instagram 🙂

(all the links will be in the pinterest board above!)


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Time for the haul!

– random bits & bobs –

I’ve had my eye on this rattan-like circle (normally used for setting the table) from Target for so so long. It took a while to finally get my hands on it because it was out of stock online for a while. Similarly, I got a pack of these four rattan-like coasters. I think both look really great on camera to add some texture!

A more random purchase was this glass measuring beaker. I thought it could be fun if I test out more recipes like the cold brew lemonade one I did here.


– wooden trays –

Very recently, here in New Jersey, most stores have opened back up with a limited capacity. This meant that I could venture off to buy more home decor, not just from Target.

I bought the first one over at Home Sense and the second one from Home Goods. I didn’t plan at all to buy two wooden trays but both were so cute I couldn’t resist. I’m blaming all the stunning photos I see on my instagram feed with these aesthetic wooden trays.

I’m just imagining these now laid out on my bed with a nice cup of coffee, and maybe even a dairy free baked good. OOOOH!

I found a similar one on amazon as home goods/home sense doesn’t really sell online :/


– bohemian mirrors –

I’ve had my eye on getting a cute boho mirror for photos, again, thanks instagram! Also that recent “tik tok trend” also blew up the whole idea of using mirrors for photos. Even just looking at these photos I quickly took gets me SO excited to play around with it, maybe a beach photoshoot? hmm we shall see. Stay tuned!

Big shoutout to my friend Mia who I was with shopping. I was debating hard core buying this mirror (it was only $20) and in the end she nudged me to just get it & I’m obsessed.

Here is a similar one I found on amazon.


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*disclaimer* some links are affiliate links

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Taking the next stop in photography

I’m not a photographer, nor do I have fancy equipment; I admire those that have a great eye for it! I occasionally post content I’m proud of over on my instagram.


Within the last week, I whipped out an old camera of mine. I wanted to see if myself and my instagram followers could even tell the difference between my Iphone camera quality and my camera. Spoiler alert, they could tell.


Since then, I’ve been trying to use my camera for more of the photos I’m taking stuck home in quarantine. The camera I’m using that I got maybe 3-4 years ago…. is the Nikon COOLPIX L830 16 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 34x Zoom NIKKOR Lens and Full 1080p HD Video (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer).

I also don’t really use any equipment other than my tripod (which I 10/10 recommend as it comes with the bluetooth remote & also an attachment to use for your Iphone).

Selfie Stick Tripod, UBeesize 51″ Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote for iPhone & Android Phone, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Lightweight

It’s super easy to use and it was super reasonable. Anyway, other than that I don’t use any equipment as I’m just starting to figure it all out.

Any tips? Lets chat!

Mainly, what prompted this, was wanting to create better quality photos for brands and other products that I love. For example, this post where I talk about my favorites, I hope in the future to provide better quality photos to go along with it. What’s funny is when I first started this blog over two years ago, from the start I chose to use my camera to get better quality photos. For example, this post where I talk about some of my travel packing essentials.


Anyway, kind of a mini blog post here. Get excited for the better quality content to come.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ve been appreciating all the support so much.

Lots of love,

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