Coffee that Saves Pups – Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

I was so excited when Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co reached out to me to try their coffee (ad)! If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, I love to review coffee over there and give my honest feed back. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, quality wise, but I wanted to reveal my honest opinions here! I’ve heard about Grounds & Hounds for a while, they strive to create coffee with a greater purpose.


What’s great about Grounds & Hounds is 20% of their profits go to supporting pups! Through their coffee sales, they strive to support dog rescue initiatives and organizations throughout the country.

-but is Grounds & Hounds coffee any good?

well, yes! better than expected for sure. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since the coffee came pre-ground (which drastically reduces the freshness of the coffee). So, at first I was a bit worried. Turns out, the coffee is good coffee!

Is it the best coffee I’ve ever had?

-well, no.

Is it coffee I would purchase in the future?

-maybe. So far my favorite coffee of theirs is their “Morning Walk” blend! It’s a nice light/medium roast with unique undertones.

The mission of Grounds & Hounds is what sets them apart from other coffee companies. Knowing that when I purchase from them it goes to such a great cause is what would keep me buying coffee and other goodies from them. I really admire the dedication and money they put towards such a great cause. Who doesn’t love supporting dogs????


I do have a discount code to save you 15% off (I don’t get anything from it), it’s “CoffeeeNut”

Or you can shop using this link!

Big thank you to Grounds & Hounds for reaching out and sending me some coffee to try! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.

Have you tried their coffee before? What did you think?

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

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July 2020 specialty Coffee roaster Favorites

The best coffee roasters I’ve brewed at home this past month!

(a bit behind on the months but that’s ok)!

I’ve been trying so many different coffee at home the last couple months so I figured it was about time to start doing a post on my monthly coffee favorites!

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Their Colombia – Frontera De Planadas had this GORGEOUS nutty undertone that popped beautifully once it started to cool.

I’m very excited to try out more from this roaster. Also, this packaging? hello? also gorgeous!

If you love coffee with a nice nutty undertone this coffee is perfect for you.



Graziella’s Coffee Company’s Ecuador – Loja is so flavorful! I was super impressed with the way the caramel undertones are not only present right after it’s brewed, but it sustains as it cools as well. Super nice toffee/caramel kinda cup!

Super sweet team as well over there 🙂


Taza Manga

Taza manga – Signature Coffee from Taste the Origin is a super smooth and balanced single origin coffee from Colombia!

I was so happy to come across a site that highlights fair trade single origin coffee (coffee that’s farmed and roasted from the same place). This blend even has a subtle nutty undertone that pulls through as it cools!


For more coffee content make sure to keep up with my instagram! I’ve been posting lots of full coffee reviews and unboxings over there.

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Ethiopia kofi review: The Moyee Blend

Stay tuned because I’ll be posting a life update in the next couple days! Just a couple things to follow up on if you’ve been following along with me for a while. Here’s my last exciting update!

For now, I’ll be talking about a coffee that was sent to me in the mail this past week (gifted).


If you’re interested in how I determine what coffee to purchase, or what tips I have to choosing coffee roasters to begin with check this post out!


Ethiopian Kofi


This specialty coffee comes straight from the origin of the beans: Kafa, Ethiopia.

Ethiopian coffee is traditionally on the lighter side, with a balanced fruity profile. As mentioned here, Ethiopian coffees are generally heavy and winey or floral and tea like.

We at serve you premium quality coffee from where it was first discovered. We deliver to your door and offer subscription option so your coffee is taken care of.

taken from their instagram

My thoughts

I think it’s awesome that they strive for fair trade, good quality beans. If you’ve read this post of mine then you’d know how much I strive for good quality coffee roasters. Knowing specifically where the beans are from and that the roaster cares for a good relationship with the farmers is such a great sign.

I was able to try their “Moyee blend” which is a 100% Arabica blend. The coffee itself is about what I expected: floral and fruity. I’m excited to see what other blends and roasts they come out with in the future!


Thanks again to Ethiopian Kofi for sending me some of their specialty coffee to try! check them out here.


I hope things are starting to open up where you are. Slowly, but surely, the world is getting a bit back to normal. I will be posting my next life update soon!

Hope all you guys are safe! Thanks,


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