WEEK IN MY LIFE: Trips to NYC + Grad School Update

Hello! Happy weekend. The past week has included a lot of running around for me so I took some extra time to get a grip on all of that.

Most importantly, this update will make much more sense if you read this first, I finished my new application to Tasmania for my masters yesterday. It’s been a long journey so I hope this time around all works out.

Thanks so much for all the support!


You can watch a full update/week in my life here!


Lots of love,


Emo International Masters Update – this keeps getting harder

I guess you could call this part two of “road to my masters”. Just me being honest here.

I got another update on the graduate program I’ve been trying to apply to for very close to two years now.


Here’s the next update:


Thanks, as always, for all the support,


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