An emotional chat with my masters professor

Here is an update to my post yesterday so check that out here first!


My call with my professor last night went more somber than i ever thought was possible. I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday.


Basically, it’s up in the air if i can even start my masters online since the degree is a lot of lab and field work (which i knew but I was under the impression that it was still possible to start online). I was recommended to think if i even still wanted to continue with the degree I’ve been fighting for THREE years now. I was asked to think about if i was to defer my enrollment, pushing this mess back even more time + can i just say I am so sick of all of this “pushing back”?? I know i’m very much not alone but seriously. all our lives have been on pause for a year now.


So as I already felt so anxious and like the biggest turd for it taking three years for me to even get into a masters program, now no one know if I’ll even be able to start it. so my mind is beyond in the gutter. I’m questioning everything and anything about my life. I’ll be okay, just an update there.

I emailed my professor back and mentioned that I still want to continue on with my degree the best I can online.

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Emo International Masters Update – this keeps getting harder

I guess you could call this part two of “road to my masters”. Just me being honest here.

I got another update on the graduate program I’ve been trying to apply to for very close to two years now.


Here’s the next update:


Thanks, as always, for all the support,


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