a guide to Portland, Oregon’s coffee scene

This past February (before everything escalated) I met my boyfriend on the west coast of the states and explored SFO, SEA and PDX. Out of the three, I definitely was most impressed with Portland’s coffee scene. There was so much character my heart was so full. Here’s my highlight reel:


Stop One: Deadstock Coffee

Such a cool vibe here, and obviously any coffee shop with a mural has a gold star in my book. Talented baristas and welcoming staff. A super bright space not far from Chinatown. Kind of felt like I was entering into a footlocker/michael-jordan-basketball-kind-of-vibe.

My rating: 7/10


Stop Two: Heart Coffee Roasters

They have a couple locations but this one was super convenient to get to in center city. It genuinely took everything in my not to buy all those cute mugs. Here was a big hotspot for getting work done (one of the true giveaways of how good the coffee shop is).

Again, super talented baristas and a super bright, light space. I talked a bit more about here in an instagram post here.

My rating: 8/10


Stop Three: Upper Left Roasters

If theres one thing I found the most interesting about this city is how many coffee shops and cute cafes are attached to hotels or office buildings. It makes some of them harder to find but worth the hunt. There wasn’t really any seating (aimed for more on the go, office runs) but still a treasure find.

Not my favorite oat milk latte I found, but that doesn’t demean the quality of their coffee.

My rating: 6.5/10


Stop Four: Drip PDX

THIS DECOR THO!!!! Another spot hidden in a campus of office buildings (like really hidden)! Such a sweet group of staff. They very recently just opened up and I was so happy to make the trip. It’s not far off from center city.  Although it was in an office building there still was a lot of room for seating and pretty quiet too. I could see myself getting a lot of work done just hanging out here.

Show those newer startups some extra love!!!

My rating: 8.5/10


Stop Five: Good Coffee

Let me just say that when you walk into a cafe and there is two photoshoots simultaneously happening that’s when you know it’s a cute ass spot; I can confirm it was. Lots of comfy couches, seats, and tables really filling up the space.

This spot was attached to a fancy hotel and would definitely come back here if I had the chance.

My rating: 8/10


Stop Six: Never Lab Coffee

the finale

the “save the best for last”

Genuinely was so impressed with Never Coffee that I recently ordered some of their coffee to brew at home during quarantine. Just LOOK at how bright and stunning their space is. The plants and the little cactus make me so happy. Coffee and plants are the best combo. Okay this is a rant but you catch my drift: I really really loved it here. 

I have made multiple posts on my instagram about their coffee but I was really impressed with their specialty lattes and drink options. I tried the combo they called “Oregon” and was really into it: not too sweet or heavy. The staff was the most open and welcoming that I encountered on my trip. 

If you ever go to Portland you have to come here. That’s that.

My rating: honestly, 10/10


Have you ever been to Portland, Oregon?

What did you think of it?

Lots of love,

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