Coffee that Saves Pups – Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

I was so excited when Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co reached out to me to try their coffee (ad)! If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, I love to review coffee over there and give my honest feed back. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, quality wise, but I wanted to reveal my honest opinions here! I’ve heard about Grounds & Hounds for a while, they strive to create coffee with a greater purpose.


What’s great about Grounds & Hounds is 20% of their profits go to supporting pups! Through their coffee sales, they strive to support dog rescue initiatives and organizations throughout the country.

-but is Grounds & Hounds coffee any good?

well, yes! better than expected for sure. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since the coffee came pre-ground (which drastically reduces the freshness of the coffee). So, at first I was a bit worried. Turns out, the coffee is good coffee!

Is it the best coffee I’ve ever had?

-well, no.

Is it coffee I would purchase in the future?

-maybe. So far my favorite coffee of theirs is their “Morning Walk” blend! It’s a nice light/medium roast with unique undertones.

The mission of Grounds & Hounds is what sets them apart from other coffee companies. Knowing that when I purchase from them it goes to such a great cause is what would keep me buying coffee and other goodies from them. I really admire the dedication and money they put towards such a great cause. Who doesn’t love supporting dogs????


I do have a discount code to save you 15% off (I don’t get anything from it), it’s “CoffeeeNut”

Or you can shop using this link!

Big thank you to Grounds & Hounds for reaching out and sending me some coffee to try! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.

Have you tried their coffee before? What did you think?

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

Lots of love,


my honest review of major NZ peanut butter brands

To say the least, I had way too much fun putting this post together. Okay lets do this!!!!!

My New Zealand peanut butter journey started when I first arrived and found myself in Countdown (a NZ grocery store). I made the HORRIBLE mistake to buy the cheapest peanut butter and it was artificial horrible-ness. Moral of the story: pay the extra few dollars for good quality groceries.

Bay Road

I may be bias, but my ultimate, number one brand is a local Dunedin, New Zealand brand: Bay Road. Sorry to anyone who knows me and is already sick of me talking about it.


(photo creds to their facebook)

At first I didn’t think much of it. I was like yay its not artificial crap! But very quickly i became obsessed with both the crunchy and the smooth. What sets them apart is the peanut butter is airy & dense. It is not watery or runny. YEP! not even the smooth is runny. The perfect start to the day is throwing it on some toast. Sadly, they are currently only available at the Otago farmers market and a few small Dunedin food stores. BUT THE WORD is they’re expanding… so stay tuned.

Fix & Fogg

If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen that while on my trip to Wellington, I popped by their Eva street window.


Fix & Fogg is based out of Wellington but is found throughout NZ aaand theyre on amazon for when I’m back in the States. Their window often does weekend specials where they partner up with another local food company (of course the time they did one wasn’t the weekend I was there…). They’ve done some awesome ones like smoothie bowls, ice cream, exclusive peanut toast ALL with their peanut butter. But, they do sell most of the fancy toasts with their peanut butter on a daily basis. thumb_IMG_8225_1024

They have a bunch of flavors and when I was there I got a GREAT deal for buying a larger jar. They do have merch and I am not gonna lie, I’m tempted to splurge and get some. Also, their instagram kills it with the aesthetic.

I have recently tried their fruit toast pb (it has the perfect hints of cinnamon and fruit) and dark chocolate (perfect for cookies).


Probably the most common brand I’ve seen around New Zealand. If you’re looking for the cheapest good quality option then this is for you. BUT, it is clearly not my favorite. Their crunchy is average and their smooth is way too watery for my liking. I don’t enjoy peanut butter that drips off my toast. Sorry, that’s all I gotta say about them! no shame!

What I really appreciate about these NZ peanut butters, is how the only ingredient is peanuts. Pure goodness.

Although this is completely different than any of my previous posts, I feel passionate about my pb opinions. Question for you: What’s your favorite peanut butter brand?

New Zealand, keep doing you.

I am looking forward to documenting my journey. All of the support so far has been amazing, so thank you.

Lots of love,

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