Positive Masters Degree Updates – Feb 2021

I have an EXCITING life update.

If you’ve been keeping up with my masters degree journey of the ups and downs, the questions & the unknowns…


BUT if not, here’s a quick rundown: I applied to get into a masters program in Australia last year that I was dreaming of, got rejected, was told I didn’t quality for the degree but I reapplied, got accepted, was told I could do some courses online as I’m still very much stuck in states, tried to enroll in courses, was told last week that it might actually not be possible to start online with all of the lab and field work, and FINALLY last night was told that I could officially take courses online (at least part time to start) and I WILL be able to start my masters degree while stuck here in the states with the Australian borders being closed.

Here are a few other posts going into my journey.

An emotional chat with my masters professor

Here is an update to my post yesterday so check that out here first! My call with my professor last night went more somber than i ever thought was possible. I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday. Basically, it’s up in the air if i can even start my masters online since the degree is a lot of lab and field…

Emo International Masters Update – this keeps getting harder

I guess you could call this part two of “road to my masters”. Just me being honest here. I got another update on the graduate program I’ve been trying to apply to for very close to two years now. Here’s the next update: Thanks, as always, for all the support, Ashleigh

My Entire Graduate School Journey + Updates

I decided to finally sit down and lay my entire masters journey out. Check out the video below (it’s a long one) while maybe sipping on a nice cup of coffee. I really wanted to create a cohesive bit with everything from how I got into marine science, how I chose my masters program and hopefully where I’ll be going from here. *spoiler…


okay, that was a lot, but yeah, that’s what’s going on.


So, I get to start at least two courses this month (the start of the Australian semester) and they sound incredible i’m so excited! and then if I’m still unable to get into Australia by July (fingers crossed I’ll be able to), there are some courses lined up for me that I would be able to take second semester this year. so it’s been a rollercoaster of yes and no’s, ups and downs, and LOTS of anxiety.

Sadly the rollercoaster is far from over but I am so thrilled to say that I will FINALLY be able to start my masters this month. WOW.


I ALSO filmed a full video update going more in detail into all of this and I will be posting that later this week!

As always thank you SO much for all of your support,

Lots of love,

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