Halstatt – an Austrian gem

Back in 2017 on a family trip through parts of Europe I made sure to stop by Halstatt, Austria. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but one way I find really unique and photogenic places to travel to is by searching a country or part of the world and go to google images. It sounds simple, and honestly it really is. That’s how I found out about Halstatt and also about Thun, Switzerland (which I talk about my 3 hour trip there, here).

Hallstatt is a village on Lake Hallstatt’s western shore in Austria’s mountainous Salzkammergut region. Its 16th-century Alpine houses and alleyways are home to cafes and shops; a funicular railway connects to Salzwelten.

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If you’re after more travel posts on Austria, Switzerland, Sweden or Germany I have a whole tab on my home page where you can find those.


Halstatt is definitely off the beaten path. From Vienna we took a couple busses, a special train that only goes here and then boat to go across the gorgeous lake.


It has become more and more touristy, so be worn about that. Although it is most definitely worth the trip if you have the chance. Halstatt is exactly as it seems: isolated, stunning and relatively quiet (if you minus all the tourists). As I went a couple years ago I’m sure it’s gotten even more popular by now. Not long after I went I heard that I think in China they created a town completely based off Halstatt, and I don’t blame them!

It’s just such a photogenic spot with all the ivy filled alleyways and cute shops.


There is a couple paths to head up steep hills that overlook the whole town – and wowowow.


It’s one of those places that is so cute and perfect looking that you don’t even think its a real place. I can totally see why so many people flock here to visit.

Although I was just there for a few hours, I can totally see myself wanting to go back and stay a couple nights or something. There were some longer pathways stretching around the lake which I’m sure went past some more gorgeous areas.

There’s just something about a mountainous skyline that just make it so much more fun to look at.


If you ever end up in Austria or are passing through and are looking for somewhere to kill a half a day, go here. The perfect European experience.

Have you ever been to Austria?

I hope all of you are well! I’ll be back soon with more interesting content. If you’ve read this far I’d love to connect further and get to know more people on here!!!

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12 Hours in Stockholm

The day started early morning in Berlin. (For a post I did on some top photo spots in Berlin click here ). Anyway, that Christmas I gifted my brother a day-trip to Stockholm, Sweden from Berlin, Germany (where he was studying abroad in Spring 2019). I chose Stockholm not only because it was on my list of places to visit, but more importantly it was a place we could do an international day trip. We had an early morning flight, and left around 7pm that same day to go back to Berlin. I was able to get us super cheap flights round trip and thought it’d be such a cool experience to do an international day trip.

Let me tell you, if you ever have the chance to go to a different country just for the day do it. We both don’t mind running around with our heads cut off and loved it.

We probably got to Berlin Tegal Airport around 5-6am and our flight took off around 7am. The flight wasn’t even an hour and our first priority once landing was of course coffee. If you have seen my instagram or any of my posts on coffee, I do my research before traveling.


Around 8am I found a place in the Stockholm airport that actually knew how to make a great coffee (as airport coffee is usually not the greatest).

The next thing was to head to the Arlanda express.

OMG OK so this was my favorite train experience of my entire life. The train takes you straight from the airport to center city Stockholm. Similar to other big cities in Europe (like Oslo), it’s a super fast train of around 18 minutes. It was of course pricey but i loved the 18 minute experience so much I kinda wish it was longer….oops.


Around 9am By the time we got to center city, it had been a bit since our last coffee. Naturally I had the perfect cafe in mind for breakfast; by then it was mid-morning.

Kaffeverket (I have a small post on them here) was on the top of my list. They had oat milk lattes and avocado toast so I was easily sold.

Around 10am By later morning we had visited our first official tourist stop: the Vasa Museum. I definitely recommend it, as it’s a super cool museum; just be prepared for longer lines.

Around 11am After that we just enjoyed walking around and making our way to the old part of town. I don’t have photographic evidence but I found a bakery in old town that did vegan cinnamon buns (as I’m dairy free) and they were incredible. Before researching into it I had no clue that Stockholm had a thing for cinnamon buns?

Old Town was gorgeous: the colors, architecture, cobble stone streets, and the narrow alleys. I really loved how the old part was on its’ own little island too, kinda separated from the industrial side of Stockholm.


Some of my favorite photos of myself to-date are these that my brother managed to get of me down a narrow alley in old town.

Honestly, most of our time in center city was just walking around and exploring. In old town there were soooo many alley ways and we circled around but it was great. Fun times.

Around 1pm Once we realized we pretty much did all the walking we could, we headed back towards the center modern area and brainstormed our next move. We shopped a bit on the main strip, looked for an IKEA (which wasn’t anywhere near center city…) but ultimately ended up at another museum. Definitely different, but we went to the Swedish Army Museum (more of an interest to my brother but I played along since I kindly forced him to take all those photos of me). It was cool spot and pretty sure it was free… I could be wrong. But at that point we were pretty satisfied with our adventure and wanted something more chill.


(such a winner of a shot wow!)

Around 3:30PM By the time we were done with the museum we were starting to get tired and decided to make the trek back to the airport to just chill there.

Just when I thought the Arlanda Express speed train couldn’t get any better we found a car with a little “work bar” with the stools, all the USB plugs, etc. If you go to Stockholm, enjoy those 18 minutes on that train.

Around 7pm We were getting ready to board our flight back to Berlin Tegal, making it back pretty late that night (as my brother was living on the other side of Berlin to Tegal Airport).

That’s pretty much it! Just about 12 hours in Stockholm. I was really impressed with the city and how organized it seemed. It will definitely be on my list to go back, also I really want to explore more rural Scandinavia (as I’ve only been to Oslo & Stockholm).

Have you been to Stockholm? What about any of Scandinavia?

Thanks so much for reading a little adventure I’m reminiscing on. Especially now with everything going on there’s gonna be a lot of throwbacks.

Lots of love,

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