The fear that no one will read your blog

Why haven’t I been blogging?

On top of nothing exciting happening in my life recently thanks to quarantine, there is the fear that people don’t care enough to even read what I’m putting out.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, that you have been in a similar boat at one point or another (or even now). So welcome to the party!!!


ok, serious talk now:

Blogging takes a lot more to put together over an instagram caption. It’s not only a platform to express things in more detail, but it requires a lot more planning. I guess that fear of thinking no one actually cares what I’m blogging about stems from the amount of time it takes to put together a post.

I give bloggers SO much credit. They pour so much passion, time and energy into a piece of content that they hope people will care about. But at the same time, you cannot guarantee that people will care or bother to read what you’re typing out.


Also with the state of the world right now I’m sure the blogging scene is a bit oversaturated.

That’s where I need to make that mental connection that yes, it does take time but am I passionate about what I’m trying to get across?

-for the most part that answer is yes

I guess I just need to tune in more on what’s important to me and what’s going on in my head. All this extra time at home has definitely opened up my emotions a bit so that explains my last couple posts.

I hope all of you are well! I’ll be back soon with more interesting content. If you’ve read this far I’d love to connect further and get to know more people on here!!!

Lots of love,


26 thoughts on “The fear that no one will read your blog”

  1. I was going through the same and procrastinating but then I realized if my post seems helpful to even one person only, that’s more than enough 🙂 No everyone will connect but those who will do, will do 💞 thanks for this amazing post 💞💞

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  2. It’s funny – when I started my blog I wasn’t worried about anyone reading it or not, I just wanted a way to regularly practise my writing. But somehow this fear has crept in over time that no one will want to read it… even though that wasn’t my initial intention anyway.
    I just have to remind myself that I’m blogging for me, not for anyone else!

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  3. I write for myself first. I always hope others will connect with my words as well, but if not, I wrote the story I wanted to read and had fun writing it!

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  4. Lol, this is definitely me. I don’t know why you’re afraid, though– you have almost 400 followers! ❤

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