it’s been a bit


Hello! Happy Thursday. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted so I wanted to give a mini life update.

But before I get into it all – I do keep up with posting over on my Instagram the most!


  1. I am anxiously awaiting my certificate of enrollment from the University of Tasmania (background to that aspect of my life here).
  2. I was graciously able to get both of my “pre-pandemic” jobs back (background to that here) and it sure has been an adjustment.
  3. Taylor Swift’s new, surprise album has been my saving grace.

I’ve been wanting to post on here but haven’t felt like anything going on in my life has been “worth” posting about. I obviously haven’y been able to travel much at all due to the pandemic but I have been able to check out some new, more local coffee spots near me.

Maybe my next post will be about that, or even a monthly favorites – I still have to figure out where to go from here.

The possibilities are endless.


I’ve been overthinking so much – as typically, I like to keep my Instagram more coffee/day-to-day based and this blog more educational & travel-based. This whole pandemic thing is clearly still a thing so I’m in the process of determining where to take this from here.

New content will be coming soon. As I’ve talked about over on my Instagram stories, the last week or so I’ve been overwhelmed with the kinds of content I could post & which ones are my priority.


I hope all of you are safe & well!


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